Fitzroy School

Holy Trinity Church

80 Years at Holy Trinity

Mrs Bromley

Mrs Bromley has been associated with Holy Trinity Church in New Plymouth since she was born. She is now in her eighties so that is a long time to be connected with the church. As a child she lived with her aunt in a house below, next to the church. She has seen three major renovations of the church building and has been involved with generations of families throughout that time. From speaking with Mrs Bromley we realised how much she cares about the church, and the people who work and worship there. Holy Trinity has been a significant part of her life.

House by church

We asked Mrs Bromley what part the chuch had played in her life, firstly at as a child, then an adult, and lastly at this stage of her life. Click on the links below to hear her responses. Here she is as a child in the 1820s.


Listen to Mrs Bromley talk about what the church meant to her as a child (MP3 842kb), as a young person (MP3 358kb) and lastly as the church is for her today (MP3 277kb).