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Holy Trinity Church

Stained glass windows

Stained glass windows represent a legend or a memorial. They are made out of tiny little fragments of glass joined together with lead. Stained glass windows were first made in the 15th century to tell stories because most people could not read. The windows did not have large panes of glass, and so the lead was there to hold the small pieces of glass together to make a bigger window.

Saint George

Saint George is a warrior saint. When a dragon appears George makes a sign of a cross, fights the dragon and kills it. George is a hero for fighting evil by slaying dragons. George used to feed the lambs in the fields. The dragon shows the overthrow of evil. Almost nothing is known about George except that he was a Roman soldier fired for being a Chistian. As the story goes George finds a devastated land damaged by a fierce dragon and saves the people by slaying the dragon.

Saint George

The Good Shepherd

The image of Christ as the good shepherd was a very popular stained glass window in the early 19th and 20th centuries. The overall picture is of Christ caring for his flock, who are the people. The sheep only followed Christ because they knew his voice. The voice of strangers frightend the flock of sheep. People hired shepherds to look after the sheep. When wolves came the hired shepherd runs away and leaves the sheep but Christ does not leave his people.

Good shepherd

By Maukino & Matt