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Operation Phoenix North Shore

David Keay visits Sri Lanka

Shortly after the tsunami the North Shore City Council sent the Civil Defence Manager over to Sri Lanka to see for himself what had happened over there and to learn from the experience. He visited the Northern area of Sri Lanka which had been badly hit by the tsunami, and also Thalpitiya, the village adopted by North Shore City Council. In Thalpitiya, 46 houses and buidlings were destroyed by the tsunami

After the tsunami David Keay went to Sri Lanka to see the damage that had happened - lots of wood and buildings broken on the ground. It makes me feel sad because all these people have lost their home. They now have nowhere to live and will have to rebuild their houses. ( Elliot)

David Keay took this picture of the destroyed houses and broken crashed buildings and rubbish which were pushed onto this spot by the tsunami on Boxing Day, 2004. I feel sorry for the people because they have a lot to clean up. ( Omar)

This is a house that got hit by the tsunami in Sri Lanka. It has no roof and only two walls left and it is starting to get rebuilt. The bricks are in a pile ready to be used to build the walls. The palm trees don't look damaged because they are flexible and can bend and come back when the waves have gone past. ( Gemma)

This is a Sri Lankan family in Thalpitiya with David Keay. The photo was taken after their house was destroyed by the tsunami. The family is very sad but David is trying to get help for them to rebuild their house.( Kian)

David Keay is beside a well in which the water has been polluted by the sea water, which was washed in by the tsunami. The well was the fresh water supply for the village people. How will they get their fresh water supply now? I feel rather sad for all the Sri Lankan people. (Wairua)