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Operation Phoenix North Shore

Our Tsunami Warning Posters

On Boxing Day 2004 an eleven year old British girl called Tilly was on a beach holiday in Phuket, Thailand. She noticed that the sea was receding strangely. She had learnt about tsunamis in her geography class at school so she knew that a tsunami was on the way. She told her mother that they must all get off the beach immediately. Thanks to her warning, one hundred people were rapidly evacuated from the beach and their lives were saved.

Kids who know the signs of a tsunami can make a difference. Here are the posters we have created to tell people what to do if they are on or near the beach and a tsunami is on the way.

Gel’s Tsunami Warning Poster.

Gel's Tsunami Warning Poster.

Dora's Tsunami Warning Poster.

Dora's Tsunami Warning Poster

Joshua’s Warning Poster.

Joshua’s Warning Poster