Milford Primary School

Operation Phoenix North Shore

The Opening Ceremony: Mahinda Attanayake's Journey

Two years after the tsunami Project Phoenix North Shore member, Wastewater Engineer, Mahinda Attanayake went to the village of Thalpitiya to the opening ceremony for the first three completed houses which Operation Phoenix North Shore had fundraised for.

Here are two Low Country male dancers dressed up in shiny decorated costumes with puffy yellow silk sleeves. The official party is in the background and also people taping the dancers. (Theo)

This is a picture of Mahinda and Dr Ariyaratne the founder of Sarvodaya. Mahinda is going to light the candles before the house opening ceremony. The candleholder is made out of bits from palm trees.( Gemma)

Here is a plaque on one of the new houses. North Shore City gave the money and Sarvodaya built it. ( Tom)

Here is a picture of a new house that has been built after the Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami. The plaque shows that North Shore City Council gave the money for this house. The new owners are in front of the house. ( Dylan)