Milford Primary School

Operation Phoenix North Shore

Noel Williams goes to Sri Lanka

Noel Williams was an engineer in the Wastewater Department in North Shore City Council when the tsunami hit Sri Lanka. On his first journey to Sri Lanka he worked with the Operation Phoenix Team from Hamilton who were also building houses in Sri Lanka. Then Operation Phoenix North Shore sent him back to solve some more drainage problems. In May 2005 he visited Thalpitiya Village to see how the villagers were and how the housebuidling was coming along. It was five months after the tsunami and there was still a lot of work to be done before the villagers were housed again.

Noel Williams with his digger is trying to clear the drain of rubble and rubbish for the people of Sri Lanka.( Wairua)

Noel is talking to the people from the Sarvodaya Team. They were responsible for building the houses after the tsunami for Operation Phoenix North Shore. (Dora)

The villagers are trying to clear up the rubble so they can continue to rebuild the houses . You can see the damaged houses in the background.( Arneth)

The bricks have arrived to make the foundations for the new houses. They were delivered by a truck wth a blue tarpaulin cover which kept the bricks stable and safe. ( Dora)

This couple is standing in front of the foundations for their new house while it is being built. They are living in a temporary shelter with a plastic or fabric roof.(Zac)