Discovering Edgecumbe

Edgecumbe Primary School - Primary

Welcome to Room 7's 'Discovering Edgecumbe' page.

Our class has been learning about how special our little rural town is.

Our town has always been a small town (not as small as it is today) but we still think Edgecumbe is a pretty cool town because of the people, the location and Edgecumbe's history that makes this place even more interesting!

We decided to learn about our home town because many of our families have lived here for many generations and lots of family members have donated their time and effort to helping Edgecumbe in one way or another. Many family members have helped Edgecumbe by giving their time on Community Working Bee Days or have given help when town projects have needed completing. Like we said before, we think Edgecumbe is a neat place because of the people, the location and the awesome history. It might not be a big place but it's our home town.

We hope you learn a lot like we did and maybe one day you might just be passing through our 'corner of the world' and you'll remember our cool stories!

Thank you

Room 7 and Whaea Lesa