Our Interview with Mrs Davey-Emms

At the end of our topic (we finished our interviews in Term 3), we interviewed two of our community members. One of our mums who is also a teacher at a local kindergarten and is the Secretary of the E.D.I.T group. The other person is a relieving teacher who teaches at our school quite often and is on the Jubilee Committee.

To see our full interviews, please click on the links below. They are powerpoint booklets of our interviews with Mrs Davey-Emms.

Mrs Davey-Emms

Mrs Davey-Emms is a kindergarten teacher in Edgecumbe and is the Secretary for the E.D.I.T (Edgecumbe Development and Improvement Team) group that is helping to make Edgecumbe a beautiful town again!

Some of the questions we asked Mrs Davey-Emms