References and acknowledgements

*A big 'Thank You' to the families that helped our children learn more about Edgecumbe and how their families have contributed to making Edgecumbe a better place!

*Granddad (Peter) Lees for his many interesting stories and facts about living in the Rangitaiki area and especially stories of his many visits to Edgecumbe town as a young man. Thank you Granddad Lees!

*Our 'Local Heroes' that contribute their time and effort to making Edgecumbe a better place (eg our coaches and awesome groups like E.D.I.T and the Jubilee Committee)

Our 'Local Heroes' that allowed themselves to be photographed (and those who let others be photographed on their behalf! :) )

*E.D.I.T facebook page - Edgecumbe, New Zealand

*Edgecumbe Primary School 100th Year Jubilee Committee's facebook page - Edgecumbe Primary School 100 Year Jubilee

*Edgecumbe Primary School Library and Teachers' Resource Room

*Mrs Davey-Emms and Mrs Reid for allowing themselves to be interviewed by Room 7 children (Mrs Davey-Emms - Kindergarten teacher and E.D.I.T Secretary, Mrs Reid - Primary School Teacher and Jubilee Committee member).

*Mr Grindley (the owner of the Riverslea Mall!) / Riverslea Mall (Edgecumbe Mall Ltd) for information Mr Grindley provided about the Riverslea Mall 'today' and in 'the past' (and for giving us permission to use photographs from the Information Board). The photographs and many newspaper clippings on the Riverslea Information board were very useful and very helpful.

*The 'i-Site' Notice and Historical Board and the Eastpack Sign (erected by E.D.I.T) photographed by Whaea Lesa.