Our Local Heroes - the Community

Edgecumbe is full of 'Local Heroes' or people who contribute to the community so that the wider community can benefit. These 'Local Heroes' get no money for their efforts - everything they do is voluntary! When Whaea Lesa asked Room 7 children who they thought their Edgecumbe 'Local Heroes' were, Room 7 children responded very quickly.

Our children immediately thought of the sports coaches, helpers, organizers, of local sports groups and clubs like our local rugby club. Swimming coaches, hockey coaches, soccer and karate are only a few of the sports being coached in Edgecumbe. Our children didn't forget the parents that help support these coaches and clubs by doing jobs in the background.

Our children also mentioned their mums, dads and other family members that help out the town during community working bees and then Room 7 learnt about an awesome group called E.D.I.T that are working hard to improve and revitalize Edgecumbe town. We also learnt about another group that is working hard to organize a big jubilee celebration next year because our school will be turning 100 years old!

In Room 7, children nominated their parents as 'Local Heroes' because of the sporting help they give or the help they give around Edgecumbe town. A few of our children took a photo of their parent (if they weren't too camera shy!) and then had to write a small story about how their parent or parents help out in the community.

Here are their stories...

*Kaea's Mum and Dad:

My Dad (sorry no photo) is a Local Hero because he coaches the JAB Under 8s rugby team and he doesn't get paid for it! He coaches my team twice a week and then on Saturday morning. My Dad also helps with some of the Community projects like the working bees around town. My Dad and I helped to clean up some of the rubble when the building next to the skate Park was demolished.

My Mum was on our School Board of Trustees for six years. She wanted to help our school be a better place. One of the coolest things my Mum did was when she was part of the Skate Park project and our skate park was built for the families and the kids to use.

*Maihi's Mum and Dad:

My Mum is a Local Hero because she helps out on the Board of Trusteesand she is the only person left from the old BOT. Mum is a physiotherapist and she can massage people anywhere, any time they need their body parts massaged. She is the physiotherapist for my Dad's rugby team.

My Dad is a Local Hero too. He coaches the JAB Under 12 rugby team twice a week and on the weekend too. He is a physiotherapist too and he can massage people when they need it too. Mum and Dad own a physiotherapist business on Landing Road in Whakatane and it is called 'Tutua Physiotherapist Clinic'. It has a wooden statue of a yellow man wearing a Warrior's t-shirt and the statue is wearing glasses.

*Tye's Mum and Dad:

My Mum is a Local Hero because she is a kindergarten teacher and she helps little kids learn to play. She also donates her time and effort by helping out my school. Mum is also the Secretary for the E.D.I.T group (Edgecumbe Development and Improvement Team). Mum picks up rubbish around Edgecumbe because she sees it and randomly picks it up!

My Dad is a Local Hero because he coaches my brother's Ninth Grade Soccer team. He really works at Carter Holt Harvey mill in Kawerau. He coaches the kids and looks after them on Saturday morning at the soccer games.

*Kobe's Mum and Dad:

My Dad really works in Kawerau but he helps Richie (Kaea's Dad) with my rugby team at my practices. He likes to help out.

My Mum is learning to be a kindergarten teacher but she's a Local Hero too because she does baking to help raise money for the community when they need to fundraise.

*Rylan's Dad:

My Dad helps to coach my rugby team by helping my real coach (Kaea's Dad) at my practices and on Saturday morning games! When Mr Walker is too busy doing the main coaching on Saturday morning, my Dad helps to put players on the field by telling them when their turn is to go on. My Dad has a real job doing something else but he likes to come and help me and other kids learn about rugby.