Research Process

We were trying to find out about the history of Edgecumbe:
* What was Edgecumbe like when our Parents were young?
* When our Grandparents were young?
* What is Edgecumbe like today?

We also wanted to know about our Community:
*Who are the 'Local Heroes' or 'Local Icons' of Edgecumbe - People out in the community who work to make a positive difference in Edgecumbe to help benefit the community.

Our research resources were:
* Our families - what did our Parents and Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles knew?
* Teachers and people who help out at the school (we interviewed two mums)
* Information spots found around Edgecumbe - notice boards, information boards on the walk-way tracks or found around town
* Our school library and the Teacher's resource library
* The internet (like Google search and Google images)
* Facebook - where we found more information about the E.D.I.T group and the Jubilee group (scroll down to find the links)

Over Term 2 we:

...had to find out information that Room 7 children knew. Then we asked our Parents and Grandparents what they knew.

We used information from our school, a window display that had newspaper clippings of the Edgecumbe earthquake, the original Riverslea Mall and other information that we photographed to use in the classroom.

Whenever we found out something new in the classroom, the children went home to ask their parents about more information.

Whaea Lesa found out a lot of information from the E.D.I.T group's facebook page and our class spent a little time reading through some of the postings that shared information about community bees, the mural that was painted not far from the school and other projects happening around Edgecumbe.

Edgecumbe, New Zealand

We also looked at the Edgecumbe Primary School Year 100th Jubilee facebook page with Whaea Lesa and Mrs Reid:

Edgecumbe Primary School 100th Year Jubilee

Also, we were lucky to have two of our mums come into our class and Room 7 children could interview them. One mum donates her time to the E.D.I.T group that you will read a lot more of later and our other mum has donated her time to the Edgecumbe Primary School Jubilee Committee to help organize preparations for our school's 100th birthday in 2014!

But more about our lovely mums and Edgecumbe committee groups later!