Our Class - Room 7

Welcome to Room 7's part of the world!

Our class has been learning about our home-town Edgecumbe as part of our 'Inquiry Learning' unit called 'Our Local World'.

Many of the children in Room 7 only live within minutes of Edgecumbe Primary School while other children catch the bus or are brought in by car from the rural areas that may only take between 10-20 minutes.

Room 7 is a Year 3-4 class with 17 boys and 6 girls!

Some of the children helped to take photographs of people and of places mentioned in our stories. All of the children have found out at least 2-4 facts each that we have collated, discussed and then have chosen particular facts to research further.

During the course of this term, two Room 7 children have moved on to other schools, but they also helped to gather information early in the term.

Our Class Wikispace

If you would like to visit our class wikispace, please click on the link below. We have a lot of interesting things you can view in our class wikispace as well as more information about Edgecumbe under Term 2.


or you can visit our 'Discovering Edgecumbe!' page which is our 'Discovering Edgecumbe' inquiry unit at

Discovering Edgecumbe!

Thank you
Whaea Lesa and Room 7 children