Education in Tauriko has changed a lot over the past 100 years. The classroom was different to what we have now.

In 1908 the first teacher came to Tauriko School and worked there for 52 years.

The school was really small. It was half the size of the office. There were five students to start with and one teacher.

Normally seniors had duties to do including helping the juniors unsaddle their horses.

In 1927, sixteen more students came to Tauriko School so another teacher was needed.

In the office there were two classrooms. Different age groups were mixed between those two classrooms.

Inside the classroom there were chalk boards, desks with ink holes, fire-places and not a lot more.

The teacher wrote information on the wall that she wanted the students to learn. She kept it up there for 3-10 days. In between those days the teacher would hold a test.

At interval and lunch, the children would play hide and seek and run around trees.

School was so different in the 1900’s, we are so lucky for what we have in the classroom now.

By Caitlin, Leah and Jasmine.