Omanawa Power Station

The Omanawa Power Station is in Omanawa. Builders started constructing this Power Station in 1914 and finished in 1916 (two years).

The power station gave power to approximately 100 people. It wasn't a big power station we think this is because they didn’t have as good quality tools as we have now.

The people making the power station would make tunnels using a machine like a drill which sounded like this “dida diii diii diii“ and then they used explosives to make the tunnel get to the bottom.

Next, they put two small generators down the bottom to work the power station.

In 1920 a larger generator and turbine were installed they produced 700kw for the next 54 years.

From 1974-1998 the station kept running, but then it reduced capacity and shut down after 83 years of service.

While it was shut down the power station suffered a lot of people wrecking things.

The power station is now running again but it isn’t much of a waterfall anymore.

By Nikki and Holly.B