Fashion includes clothing, footwear, hair styles and accessories. Fashion in Tauriko 100 years ago was very, different.

Fashion was influenced by the weather, people’s jobs and what they were doing that day.

People had less clothes and they lasted a lot longer.

Women often wore long dresses made of cotton.
The style was plain. These dresses were home-made. The roads were often muddy so sticks with a hook at the end were used to pull up the bottom of their dresses.

The children wore home-made clothes. For the boys this was often shorts and buttoned up shirts. The girls wore three quarter white tops with black dresses over the top. They often wore bare feet or boots with laces.
The men wore overalls, leather boots and a cap.

For special occasions men wore suits and hats, when these were worn out they were used as work clothes.

Women wore frilly, puffy dresses, fancy hats and gloves. Sometimes their hats had a small lace veil that covered their eyes.

Shoes were made of leather and the ladies shoes were a bit like boots with hooks to hold the laces in.

In Tauriko, as most people were farmers the men would wear overalls, and the women and children would wear homemade clothes.

I think Tauriko fashion was rather cool because you got to hand make exactly what you wanted.
I think we should be grateful for our clothing as we have a lot more clothes and more variety than they did back then.

By Meesha