Entertainment has changed a lot. Toys were different and were made of different materials.

People did different things in their spare time. Technology was limited.

We have plastics toys like barbie dolls and playstations. Their toys were wooden and metal like spinning tops, metal lego, cars tractors, trucks, buzzy bees and they lasted a lot longer.

At interval and lunch the school children would play hide and seek, run around trees and play on the tennis court. They also had school duties to do like bring the milk into the school.

After school children would do things on the farm such as build tree huts, swings and bulid walls of mud to stop the dam going any further and try to catch an eel.

The first tv came out in

1960, if your family didn’t have a tv they would go up to the neighbours to watch programmes such as Coronation Street.

Family entertainment in the weekend was often a picnic, church and listening to music played by a family member.

Every so often a community fun day with lots of activites was held. Activities included greasy pig, the best looking legs, log chopping, singing and dancing. In greasy pig you had to try catch the greasy pig if you did you won a prize. The woman often performed plays.

School calf clubs were held every year. You could train a lamb, a calf or a goat and they got judged.

I think we should be really grateful for the entertainment and technology that we have today.

By Hannah