Research process

At Tauriko School we use an inquiry process to support our research.

Our concept for investigation was Whanaungatanga. This means belonging. We wanted to find out what it means to belong to our community today and what it meant 100 years ago.

Our big question was: How has the past shaped the present?

There are six stages in our inquiry process: SPARKS, Exploring Paths, Record and Organise, Create, Celebrate, Reflect and Evaluate.

During this inquiry we spent a lot of time on the following stages:

Exploring Paths: During this stage we got to choose which area we were most interested in. To do this we brainstormed what we had learnt and what we still wanted to know. We used question keys to form rich, fat questions.

Record and Organise: There wasn't a lot of information on the internet so we had to sharpen our listening and interviewing skills. We had three people from our community visit our class, these men provided us with lots of information.

Create: We created this story for the living heritage website. Enjoy!