Tools to help

Common tools 100 years ago were very different in size, capacity and even shape. Most tools were made of steel and didn’t last as long as they do today.

Cutlery is knives, forks and spoons they were used for skinning, eating and cutting the meat off dead animals.

Handsaws and axes were

the most common tools back then. The handsaw and axe chopped lumber. Lumber is wood, and wood was used for houses and many other things.

Shears were used for cutting wool from a sheep and they were not electronic. They looked like giant scissors and it took a lot longer than usual.

Spades and shovels were probably the same as we have now. They were just made of different materials such as steel and wood.

Chisels and other carving tools were a different shape than ours. Today chisels are made of plastic and stainless steel but back then they were made of wood and steel.

Weapons were normal simple shot guns, 22 rifles, flails, pump action rifles, spring fields and Enfield rifles. People used guns in war and also to hunt animals.

The tools back then were very hard to use so we think we should be grateful for the machinery we’ve got today.

By Adam, Jack and Josh