This report is about farming 100 years ago.

In about 1916 to 1920 there were many small farms in Tauriko. Each farm had 10-30 cows on it.

There were no tractors just horses. The horses took the milk in big cans to the nearest factory.

It was not easy to farm as most of the jobs were done by hand.
Some of the basic equipment they used was milking sheds and separators. Milking sheds where cows were hand milked and separators to separate cream from milk leaving skim milk which was fed to pigs. Pig farming died out in 1967 when milk tankers took all the milk to the factory because there was then no skim milk to feed to the pigs.

They also grew fruit and bottled it. Everyone had their own garden and grew their own vegetables. People also had chickens and pigs to help feed their families.

Farming is very different today. We are lucky that we have all the supplies we need to farm.

By Madeline.M and Lexie.F