Electronics, washing machines, driers and dish washers help make our life easy.

Throughout the last 100 years home tools have changed a lot. In the 1900’s Eastman introduced the Kodak brownie camera. The telescope shock absorber was developed in 1901; how it works is as air or oil moves through the valve in the cylinder and the prism moves freely.


help us communicate with each other. The candle stick phone was a phone made before the 1900s. A video phone was made in 1993.

Record players were used to play music nowadays we use CD’s and mp3 players.

Lawn mowers help to make mowing the lawn easy. Lawn mowers have evolved a lot from 1960s lawn mower to the HSX Honda. In the 1960’s a push mower would have 6 blades that would spin around. In the year 2000 the Honda HSX was a big machine it would cut so well. It had two to four blades and a 50-700 cc motor and is self-powered which means it will run by itself.

The tools back then were a lot harder to use. A hand saw became a chainsaw, a hand mower became a lawn mower.

We think that today's tools are easier to use and have more advances and because of this we can get more work done in a shorter time.

By Dylan, Brodee and Zac