Book issues

All libraries have systems for issuing books so that they can keep track of where their valuable books are, and how long they are being loaned to people for.

Our library has always had a system for issuing books. In the 1960s the librarians didn’t have a computer system. They kept a system of cards to record books that were being loaned to students. They would record the students’ names, date, class and book. The cards were then put into a wooden box. This was a simple system and worked well.

In schools today libraries now have a computer system. The books are all listed on the computer system and it also has information about the students like their names, class, types of books and issue information. All the librarian has to do is to use a scanner to scan the barcode on the book, as well as in the class folder, and they know who has the book and when it needs to be returned. This is a modern system and it works very well. The only problem at times can be if the computer system breaks down, then we have to wait to issue our books.

Josiah and Leah