The Alexander Turnbull Library

As part of our inquiry learning and visit to the National Library, we also got to visit the Alexander Turnbull Library. The Alexander Turnbull Library is a small library within a big library.
Alexander Turnbull was a collector that began collecting photos and books over seventy five years ago.

The Alexander Turnbull Library is a place for research and lots of people go there to learn about their family history. There are large tables and computers for doing research and reading, as well as big drawers filled with photographs of different people and places.

The Alexander Turnbull Library is a place where information about New Zealand or things about the past are held. There is a lot of information in the books and photographs that show our heritage and culture. There are collections of paintings, writing and drawings as well. It also keeps information like websites, journals, blogs, diaries and maps. You can use diaries to store information by writing things that happen and later on other people can use it to find out about the past.

We were looking for history about Miramar and Holy Cross School. Some of us found old pictures of Holy Cross School, houses in Miramar and of the harbour. It was fantastic, interested? We recommend it. We had a lot of fun, but don’t get too excited, shhhh! You’re in a library.

Siline, Maddie, and Yashraj