Our Librarian Mrs Clarke

Mrs Clarke has been the Librarian at Holy Cross School for 13 years. She really enjoys being a librarian because she has always loved reading and books. She also loves being with children and helping them with their learning. Encouraging children to read is something that is very important to her.

Being a Librarian is a very important job. Mrs Clarke said that she has a lot of variety in her job. She buys books and then processes them for the library. This means covering the books so that they are protected, giving them numbers so that they can be put into our library computer system and be issued to students.

Teachers and students go to Mrs Clarke for help when they want books or need to do research. When she knows about topics that classes are investigating, Mrs Clarke will find books that will complement the work that people are doing.

We have a lot of different celebrations throughout the year. Mrs Clarke puts together special displays that reflect cultural and Catholic celebrations in the library. Sometimes these are books, and sometimes they are books and artefacts.

Mrs Clarke likes to get to know the children and makes the library a welcoming place for everyone. She is someone who works hard for all of us and does her best to get to know what people like to read and what their interests are.

Mrs Clarke is a very special person because she really cares about us, and our library.

Maryana and Sophia