Building memories

Holy Cross is a combination of two schools, Marist Miramar and Holy Cross. Over the years both schools have had their own libraries which have reflected their communities, student interests and our faith.

In 1983 the two schools, Marist Miramar and Holy Cross Miramar got put together and became Marist Holy Cross. In 1989 the school became known as Holy Cross.

Our school library was opened in 2006 by Archbishop John Dew.

The structure of our library is perfectly symmetrical and the building actually used to be an old classroom. The middle section was built new and the old classroom was split in half and placed on either side. While the library was being built the books were kept in an old prefab room. The partition between the library and the computer suite was not there originally.

Our school librarian, Mrs Clarke said on the opening day, “The library is quite a step up from the previous one. It is an enormous help with the literacy programme here at Holy Cross School, and also a fun place for the kids to appreciate reading in a way they couldn’t before”.

Maddie and Mollie