Peter Fitzgibbon Library

We discovered that our library is called the Fitzgibbon Library. Father Fitzgibbon used to be the Parish Priest in our area. He was an important person in making sure that the students of Holy Cross School got a library that was able to provide a warm and welcoming environment for everyone.

There is a gold plaque placed in the foyer of the library which has Father Fitzgibbon’s name on it. This is a way of recording the important part that Father Peter played in having the library built. It is a place that holds special memories of the past, our community, values and faith.

Celeste, our principal, wants the library to become a place for all our community today. She sees the library as a place where people should be able to gather to learn together. Where people play games, share learning, think about different cultures and help each other. This is a way of showing our Gospel values and aroha for each other. Father Peter Fitzgibbon would be proud to know that his hard work and beliefs have created a library that continues to be an important part of our community.

Gabby, Abbey and Gabareel