How we use the library in 2014

We gave teachers a questionnaire to fill out. We wanted to record the way that our library is used today. Here are comments that teachers made.

Mrs Blewman - We use the library for getting books for our classroom, and sometimes we go to have a story read to us by Mrs Clark. We think reading and books are very important. The library is a quiet place where people can go. My class have been enjoying seeing the books on Samoa and Tonga - with lovely pictures in them.

Miss Wooles - So far this year we have been using the library for the purposes of browsing, reading, borrowing and returning book . Children learn self-control and self-management skills as they learn how to behave quietly in the library. Children also get the opportunity to read a range of books which they might not have at home or in the classroom. The most popular books in my class are the Rainbow Magic Fairy Books and Geronimo Stilton.

Mrs O’Hare - We use the library as a place to learn about books and to learn to love books. We have a wonderful school librarian, Mrs Clark, who helps to instil these values to all the children at Holy Cross school. The library is important because it is a learning hub for the school and it is often the first experience that young children have of 'going to the library' and choosing books for themselves. The children in Room 8 are Year 1 and 2. They like a variety of picture books.

Mrs Sumner – New Entrants - We use the library during our weekly class visit. The library is important for teaching children how to love books and what an amazing gift reading is. The students enjoy a lot of different stories especially those with rhyming language. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is very popular and so is Going on a Bear Hunt. The library is a very valuable resource for our community. I meet with parents running groups on reading with Mrs. Savage. We also use it as part of the Powhiri to meet with new families.

Ms Savage - Y7 & Y8 - The library is important to us because books are a wonderful source of relaxation and learning. They can help us to understand other humans and their reactions to the world. The most popular books for my students are, graphic novels, Harry Potter, Captain Underpants, Horrible Histories, Murderous Maths and Pokemon.

Mr Stewart-Hodges - Y4 & Y5 - The library is important because it is a great resource for lots of different types of books and information related to children's needs, and topic work. It is a building resource and used by the whole school. The Bear Grylls adventures stories is very popular in my class.

Miss Renata - Y5 & Y6 - Room One love the library. We visit every week as it is an important part of our literacy programme. We choose books for leisure and for research. The Horrible Histories series is very popular along with non fiction books. The library is an important part of our school and our community.

Every teacher at Holy Cross School uses the library. Mr Solia (Y3 & Y4) and Mrs Graham Mika (Y7 & Y8) use the library for research and reading as well. They also visit the library weekly with their classes and see it as being an important part of their literacy programme.

Yashraj and Seline