Memories from the past

James was a student of Marist Brothers Miramar and is also a parent at Holy Cross School. Here are some of his memories about the library.

Well I went to Marist Miramar School between 1972 and 1975. I remember the library being at the end of the ‘L ‘ shaped block of classrooms, at the Para Street end, on the end of the "long bit" of the L shape. The block went east from the library and then left at the end, for another couple of classroom lengths. I remember it was quite a dark sort of room and very full of book shelves, all around the walls, I don't believe there was a lot of natural light in the room, very unlike Room 1 today!

My favourite books were the 'boy's adventure' type books. There was a particular series of books, all called "something" adventure, like "Lion Adventure", and "Elephant Adventure" written by Willard Price. They really got the imagination going. Almost too much! One time I was in the middle of reading Lion Adventure and I became pretty ill, fever, high temperatures, the works. My Dad came into my bedroom and I started hollering about a lion coming into my bedroom, not a nice feeling.

I don't really have a particular memory of the library as such. I think we used to have class periods in the library, but I can't recall how regular those were.

As a family we made good use of our local public library also, we used to go regularly on a Friday evening and get some lollies on the way home, laden down with the next in the Tintin or Asterix series.

Joseph, Jay & Onell