Dolphins By Katana

What kind of dolphin lives on the Coast Road?  

There is the Bottle Nosed Dusky Dolphin and the Hector Dolphin.

What is a dolphin?

A dolphin is a creature belonging to a group of mammals which live in the water.

How can we protect dolphins?

Don't throw rubbish on the beach or in the water because dolphins might eat rubbish like plastic. Fishermen shouldn't use set nets because the dolphins get tangled in them.

Be careful when you are in a boat so you don't run over anydolphins.    

About the Hector Dolphin.

A hector dolphin is a  mammal.  Dolphins live in the water. Hector  Dolphins have a grey, white and black body  with a short snout. They are found somewhere  in the sea off  the Coast Road of Kakanui.

They only live on the South Island, nowhere else in the world.     

Do you want swim with dolphins?

Welcome to the Coast Road to Kakanui. If  you want to swim with dolphins go to All  Day Bay. You can't  touch them . Trust me,  don't try. Don't be scared.  They are really nice and great creatures.

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