Did you know the ground we walk on seems solid and firm but underneath strange things happens.

One thing I find very strange is that in some parts of the world quick change happen as more and more lava comes out of the ground  and the hot rock builds into a volcanos.

From the Coast Road you can see volcanoes. The first volcano you can see is Cape Wanbrow. the other volcano is at Cats Eye Point. It exploded many years ago.

You can still see the left over rock.

Far below the ground and deep under the sea the rocks slowly change and move. You will never notice these changes that make new mountains and sea.

For those of you who don't know what lava is, it's a whole lot of hot rock that melts underground. where no one can see it.  The temperatures underground can be from 1090 degrees C up to 1200 degrees C. The pressure is so high that it explodes through the ground.

In  the year AD 79,which means 79 years after Jesus Christ was born, a place in Italy called Pompeii was destroyed by a volcano.    Everyone died. Luckily all the volcanoes in this area are extinct.

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