Rock pools by Cullen

The Creatures you might see

Crabs, starfish, minnows, mussels, clingfish, barnacles, and maybe a seal on the rocks and perhaps an octopus.

What is a rock pool?

A rock pool is what the creatures live in. You can find just about all of the creatures apart from a seal.

This is what a rock pool looks like

If you are a collector it is a great place to collect shells and rocks. If you are interested, you can find all different shapes, sizes and colours.

The types of fish you can find.

You can find a minnow, clingfish, cockabully and rock cod.

Fun fact.

Do you know sardines are little fish?

What is a fish?

A fish is a thing that swims around in the rock pools. If you are lucky you might catch one or two and pick some up.

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