By Tyler Rose

During World War 2 soldiers used the bunker to practice in so they could defend New Zealand. There was a machine gun inside it.

There was also a gun at Cape Wanbrow. It had a range to the freezing works. If New Zealand had been invaded, they would have used that gun as well.

If you dug up the bunker you would be likely to find concrete, more concrete and more concrete.

If you are lucky you might find some old used bullets.

Did you know that the war bunker is over 60 years old?.

Another 40 that would 100 years. Wow, a century!

There is a concrete slab lying on the dirt floor. This used to be the roof of the bunker. If you want to see this bunker go down Beach Road.

The bunker is beside Sandy Bay beach which is beside the North Otago Golf Course.

The bunker was called a pillbox because it was shaped like one. It is partly fallen down now.

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