Starfish can come in lots of different colours like blue, brown, purple, red, orange and sometimes light pink.


Did you know that if you cut a starfish into tiny pieces, after a time they will all go back into a whole starfish again.

The starfish can have up to 13 legs and if they break they can grow back!

The Cushion Star

The cushion star is my favourite. It's small and looks like a small cushion. It's found under stones, and is so cute!!!


There's over 1800 starfish in the world and lots more types.

The Spiny Star

It has mini spines that are there to keep off any annoying small creatures. It's also quite firm, and isn't so easy to break in half.

The Brittle Star

It has sooo skinny legs and they are so fragile and so easy to break off. Luckily as you already know they can grow back.

Starfish live in rock pools under rocks, seaweed and small places. When the tide comes in the starfish are safe but when the tide goes out, that can be a problem, because if they are in the sun and if they’re not in the shade they will dry out.

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