The Old Kakanui Wharf

By Eva

Did anyone get paid for building and supervising the harbour?

No, not even the harbour master and Mr Allen and Mr Stumbles!

Before the wharf was built,a man called Mr George Proudfoot built a sea wall but a few years later the sea wall was worn out and so they built the  Kakanui Wharf.

The sea wall was built in 1868 on  the North side of Kakanui. This was so successful that, in 1869, they extended it.

Kakanui was a busy little town with its own library and brass band.

Who built the wharf I wonder?

The super heroes!

 Mr Allen and Mr Stumbles!

This is why the harbour is in ruins

  • Money
  • The roads and the railway got better
  • And Totora Estate started sending its meat to Dunedin instead of Kakanui.

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