By Michael

What happens when the tide goes in and out.? Well, when the tide comes in, it brings life up with it and washes them in to the rock pools or tide pools. Some stay there for life others get washed out again. The best time to visit the rock pools is when the tide is out. 

There are a lot of interesting creatures in the pools. The common creatures are crabs, starfish, shellfish, snails and the occasional fish. If it's your lucky day you might find a sea anemone or a sea urchin with its hard spines, and very rarely an octopus.  

I reckon the barnacle is the most interesting creature because when it is small it will find a rock surface and attaches itself for life. Its name means curled feet which describes its fairy- like legs which it uses to catch small prey, such as plankton. 

Another creature is the cling fish. It is specially designed for living around rocks. It is a weak swimmer and keeps to the safety of the rocks where it uses a sticky disc to hold on fast.

That's why I like the rock pools so much. I hope you too will visit them and find some wonderful creatures in the pools.

© Copyright Kakanui School 2007