The Kakanui Fire Station

The firemen have about 30 calls in a year. Often forests or hay fires .

The firemen don't always fight fires here.

They can also fight in Palmerston and help out in Dunedin and places like that. They do this so that all the towns that don't have fire stations can be safe as well.

Did you know that the Kakanui fire station has been there for about 40yrs?

Did you know that the first fire station started in a garage and they had all their gear on a trailer?

Fire! Fire! Fire!

TIPS to keeping fire safe.


2.Do not leave matches in reach of children.

Fires are very HOT so don't let little children go near them.

The Kakanui firemen do a great job protecting Kakanui and all the places where they help fight fires.

If there is a fire.

Every family should have a meeting place. If there is a fire ask if you can use your neighbour's phone and dial 111.

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