Shark Bay!


By Waka

There are four types of shark. One is the Mako Shark and the other three are the Seven Gill Shark and the Carpet Shark and do not  forget the Blue Shark. 

Shark Bay is on the side of the Coast Road.  It got its name because lots of people went fishing for sharks.


This is a Carpet Shark.


This is a Mako Shark.

The Carpet Shark. The Carpet Shark can grow up to 366cm and its maximum depth is 50 meters and it can have 20 babies. The Carpet Shark normally  swims around the western south Pacific.

The Mako Shark. The Mako Shark's maximum depth is 152cm and it can grow up to 394cm and can have 16 babies. It normally swims thoughout the tropical and  temperate waters of Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans.



This is a Blue Shark


This is a Seven Gill Shark.

The Blue Shark. The Blue Shark is the most common shark. The maximum size is 383cm and can have up to 132 babies. It normally swims around western Atlantic, central Atlantic, eastern Atlantic, Indian, west Pacific, central Pacific, eastern Pacific.

The Seven Gill Shark has got seven gills.

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