The McDonald Quarry
By Luke
So you think you know about it?
Think again!

This is what is left of an old wagon.

In 1890 a family of Everetts was running the quarry. It had heaps of owners over the next 40 years then Charles Hedges took over in 1933. He was the first to ship a load of lime to the North Island.

At times up to 50 men were employed but theintroduction of modern machinery and methods reduced this number.

This quarry has connections with the Otago Peninsula and the Millburn Lime Company, which in 1964 closed down the quarry and moved to new works at Weston.

I am so lucky that the quarry is on the farm where I live. I hope that when I grow up that they will still be getting lime from the quarry. I hope so - to me and others it is a very important place.

You should buy some lime for your driveway or your garden.

This is an old dynamite shed

They used to put dynamite in there.

This quarry is owned by my grandparents and it is on their property. The only way to get there is on Gees road.

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