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Avon River

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Provincial Chambers

The Cathedral

The Bridal Path

The Bridge of Remembrance

The Brighton Pier

Victoria Park

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Sign of the Takahe

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Historical Snapshots of Christchurch

Selwyn House School


We would like to thank:

  • Miss Edkins for helping us put together our web pages.
  • Mrs Buckland for teaching us how to do our animations.
  • The Yr 3/4 teachers Miss Loo, Mrs Keen, Miss Mackenzie and Miss Edkins, for their help and guidance.
  • Parents, grandparents and special friends for the interviews.
  • Living Heritage for providing us with a template to create our website.
  • QEII for letting us use some of their images from their website.
  • Nigel Stevens, general manager, for letting us use photos from their website www.signofthetakahe.co.nz.
Year 4's enjoying lunch on our walk down the Bridle Path.

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