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Why was the Chalice built?
It was a gift to Christchurch from the Christchurch City Council to celebrate the new millennium.

Who created it?
Neil Dawson, a sculptor who has made many creative landmarks in Australia, created the Chalice.

How much did it cost?
The budget for Chalice was $343,000.

When was it built?
It was built in February 2000.

How was it built?
The frame of the Chalice, which is in the shape an ice-cream cone, is made from steel. The engineers welded aluminium leaves onto the outside of the Chalice. The leaves on the outside are silver. On the inside of the Chalice, the leaves are spray painted blue. It has 42 aluminium leaves on it.

The bottom of the Chalice is made of dark, black pearl. It stands 18 metres high and is 12 metres in diameter.


What is important about the Chalice?
The Chalice is important because it is a modern sculpture. It is lit with one flood light at nightfall.

Interesting facts
The Chalice symbolises how a nor’west wind picks up the native leaves from the ground and whips them into the shape of an ice cream cone.

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