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The Gardens

What are the Gardens used for?
They are used for people to take their dogs for a walk, and for people in wheelchairs, and patients from the hospital, to look at the wonderful sights and plants there.

When was the oak tree planted?
An English oak tree was planted on 9th July 1863.

How did the Gardens come to be?
The Dean brothers were paddling up the Avon River and found beautiful native trees. They wanted to keep the land as a park so everyone could have picnics and enjoy the Avon River.   

The  Gardens have eighty acres of land. The first European trees on the Canterbury Plains were fruit trees planted by the Deans brothers. The oldest tree is a pear tree planted by the Deans in 1846.

Many people from around the world brought plants with them when they arrived to New Zealand.

The Gardens are an important landmark in Christchurch because there are many English trees and plants within the Gardens. Everyone in Christchurch can enjoy the Gardens.


Why was it built?
The Gardens were made so people could have picnics while enjoying the beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers.

The Gardens are for people to learn about new plants.
Why is it important?
The Gardens are an important landmark in Christchurch because they are a great place for families and friends to meet.

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